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Translation Services the USA Translation Services USA
  • $1,000+
  • < $25/hr
  • 2 - 9
  • 2020-07-20

Established in 2002, this translation agency helps companies with the purpose to help businesses and individuals to convey to the information in more than just one language. They employ professional linguists and provide language services in more than 100 languages. Each client is taken care of and provided personalized services.

Human translation

Quality is best maintained by skilled translators, who are native experts with strong command in the source and target language. With their dominant linguistic abilities, Translation Services has attracted several clientele successfully. Translators go through NDAs, proper screening and testing, and hired after a plausible trial to ensure they produce a quality translation.


The company strives on self-developed rules and standards for stellar quality and with their long term user experience, they will adhere to the CRM system. A unique client ID number is assigned for all interactions and guarantees each stage of translation development sharing with clients.

Area of expertise

Document translation certified translation, interpretation, website localization, software localization; proofreading, transcription services, and voice-overs are the top-notch services in order by Translation Services.

Language focus

The company specializes in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, and Arabic. Portuguese, Italian German and several other languages in addition to rare languages as well overall crossing 700 language translations! Each linguist is a native expert and bilingual at best and caters to the proper requirements necessary for translation.

Industry focus
Translation Focus