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11. Mars Translation Professional Translation and Localization Services
  • $25,000+
  • $25 - $49/hr
  • 50 - 249
  • 2017-03-15

The success story of Mars Translation begins in 2012, as a translation project, and with time the success resulted in a global intervention of quality translation for global clients. It's a cost-effective translation solution for businesses looking for quality investment in translation without putting a dent in their budget.


Expert Translators:

Subject matter experts are hired based on their linguistic skills and understanding of the industrial niche. They can localize and translate the content with the desired precision according to the company's standards.


Long term goals:

As a translation service provider, they understand the need for translation inspires creativity and understanding of the local market. To ensure their client can achieve their company's goal, the team of translators proofreads every material before it is delivered to the client. With quick pace and consistency, they have been able to retain clients.


Quality processing:

Being ISO 9001:2001 certified, it gives an edge over the competitors. Translators are hired with genuine hierarchical tests and trials to ensure only best are hired. Moreover, automated translation tools are also used in collaboration with human translation to ensure high rated translation at a fast turnaround time at a reasonable price.


Services :

The company specialized in translation services, website localization, website proxy translation, DTP and file conversion, content and integrations, etc. gaming, software, business and finance, advertising and marketing, etc. are some industries to name in which the above-mentioned services can be easily enlisted for.

Industry focus
Translation Focus